PCMA – Now Appearing on Stage

Holographics on display at International Confex 2018 not only created wow moments, but helped attendees visualise how telepresence could be used at their own events.

Imagine welcoming John F. Kennedy to your event, or sharing a platform with Nelson Mandela. How about getting HM The Queen to preside over your conference or The Beatles to play at your gala dinner? Sound like far-fetched fantasy? Seeing the latest holographic technology in action may change your mind.

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Mohamed Abdu Performs Holographically For KSA 87th National Day Celebrations Using Musion Events Technology

London 26 September 2017 – Musion Events holographic projections technology was used in the 87th Saudi National Day celebrations which took place from the 21st until the 25th of September 2017. Saudi “artist of the arabs” Mohammed Abdu performed holographically football anthem “Khader El Fnaeel” in 3 simultaneous public locations including Ryiadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

Organized by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) the celebrations included over 27 diverse festivities across 17 cities within the Kingdom, to an estimated audience of 1.5m Saudi nationals. The use of these technologically advanced performances was designed to support the tremendously talked about Saudi Vision 2030. The reforms are intended to capture up to a quarter of the $20 billion currently spent overseas by Saudi nationals, who are accustomed to travelling abroad to see shows and visit amusement parks in nearby tourist hub Dubai or further afield.

Musion Events provided a full turnkey “holographic” solution including HD holographic film shoot, CGI effects, Eyeliner™ display including design and installation of the ultra-clear Patented Flame Retardant Eyeliner Foil and relevant intellectual property licenses and “know-how”. Three purpose built cubes formed the holographic performance stages. The content was shot on a 7K Red Helium camera at the World-famous Ealing Studios in London. The event was delivered in conjunction with production partner Chemistry Global headed up by Yazid Turki and Joys Production Services who provided the audio-visual supply. In addition to holographic performances the celebrations also included exciting spectacles such as the largest HD projection on a tower to ever have been made, vibrant firework displays and laser shows presenting performances that signified the stories of Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and history.

Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Events Limited, said: “This successful event was received very positively by the Saudi audience as part of their celebrations. The continued increase in technological advances in the Middle East will definitely pave the way forward in entertainment with Saudi Arabia leading the way in preparation for Saudi Vision 2030.

Alessandra Ferri Dances Alongside her Holographic Self using Musion Events Limited Technology

First ever purpose created TV commercial using holographic projections

21st April 2016 London, UKMusion Events Limited and its holographic technology took centre stage in the stunning TV launch of No7’s new beauty product, available exclusively at Boots. Alessandra Ferri – aged 52 and one of the world’s most iconic ballerinas – danced alongside her 19-year-old holographic self in the world’s first TV commercial of its kind. This was also the first mainstream TV commercial directed by BAFTA-nominated Tom Harper, of BBC War & Peace fame.

Sourced from an archive Royal Ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet, the younger Ferri gracefully leapt and pirouetted across the stage before vanishing into thin air. On seeing her past self, the real Ferri then summons her inner strength, energy and belief of ‘living in the moment’ to demonstrate that her famous talent has not diminished, an example of skill and passion that perfectly represents No7’s new brand values.

Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Events Limited, said, “We have spent over two decades creating incredible holographic performances, yet none have had such elegance and style as this commercial. We are honoured to help deliver such a powerful advert that encapsulates everything positive about Ferri, her dancing and the brands involved. Seeing Ferri dance on stage alongside her teenage self is an experience only our technology can produce.”

This incredible performance, choreographed by award winning Wayne McGregor, was possible due to the expertise of advertising agency Mother and production company Tomboy Films. They worked alongside Musion Events Limited and content producers, Four:55, to create the breathtakingly natural commercial.

Over 450 hours went into the production of the first ever moving camera rotoscoping to create the holographic content. Thanks to advanced filming and projection techniques pioneered during the shoot, the team overcame a number of technical challenges to create the commercial. These included identifying a suitable original performance, the use of tracking cameras during the shoot, balancing motion blur, adjusting image sharpness and general colourisation.

The commercial for No7 Lift & Luminate TRIPLE ACTION Serum first aired on the 16th April 2016 during ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent and it will air over 1000 times in the UK and Ireland over the next two months.