Award Ceremonies

We have given many award ceremonies that unique edge with our holographic stage entertainment. By using our technology we can produce an impressive and innovative spectacle. This can include A List celebrities entertaining the audience or a visual representation of the award itself.

TV and Film

Using holographic technology within TV programs and films has never been easier. The Eyelinerâ„¢ shows can be seamlessly integrated into existing TV program formats and movies.

We can create an immediate visual experience that can be enjoyed by both audiences watching at home and those sitting in the studio.

Music and Performing Arts

Our holographic entertainment brings the most realistic performances to audiences that otherwise may not be in a position to witness their favorite celebrity in concert. These performances can either be live, pre-recorded at a single venue or shown across multiple locations simultaneously.

But the best is yet to come. With our ground breaking digital resurrection, you can bring musical legends back on stage for an encore. Elvis has just re-entered the building!